2 What was your highest gross annual salary in the last 5 years?*

It may include bonuses, but not equity compensation

3 Did you receive significant equity compensation in the past 5 years?*

This should include stock options, RSUs and any other equity compensation
ANo BYes

6 Are you a member of any association that requires outstanding achievements to join*

It is important that joining the association is not available for anyone but is merit based

7 Do you have published articles about you and your professional work*

This should be publication about you, like interviews with you (not your publications)

8 Have you published articles in professional journals or major media outlets?*

This should be your articles/publications (you are the author)

9 Have you judged others on a panel or individually before?*

This may include business competitions or hackathons, review for scholarly publications or any other instances where you were in a position to evaluate, judge and select the work of others

10 You''re all done. Ready to see your results?*

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